Pledge-a-Thon Fundraiser

We’re relaunching the PSO Pledge Drive on Monday, March 14! This is the easiest fundraiser ever. No selling, no sponsors, just easy peasy pledges on the website. Best of all, there’s very little overhead, so more of the money donated goes to the PSO. We’re using the Give Butter website to run the pledge drive. Our page is here:

Thanks to the great work with the Leadership students, we’ll have some great in-school publicity to drive up student engagement. The students have made a presentation to explain the drive during morning meetings. And they’re going to have random lunchtime drawings for gift cards to keep people interested.

In addition, We’re having a competition to see which grade has the highest percentage of students participating. Visit the website and create an account to participate. That’s it. No need to have a donation to be counted for the contest. Family members can choose to donate and share the drive on their social media accounts or via email with other family members who might want to donate. The winning grade will have a donut party to celebrate.

All of the funds raised go back to the school and our kids.